Tourism, views, hiking trails, mines and caves

Mines and caves 

Near to the our guest house you will find a lot of interesting and beautiful caves or for example one of the single opal mine in Europe. This formations are located in to 100 km from guest house.

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Hiking trails and beauty of surrounding nature

Near to the Krompachy town and our guest house is a lot of hiking trails, which are situated in very beautiful nature. In the guest house is also available the tourist guide, which one will take you on beautiful walking in our nature and show you the hiking trails.

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Next interesting facts near to the pension

Dam Ružin

About 10 km from our guest house is located dam Ružín suitable for canoeing, hiking and relaxing in the summer months. It is surrounded by beautiful nature and fine views of the surrounding hills which you can enjoy for inexpensive outlet. Hiking you can sweeten a barbecue and relax in nature. Forget the stress and bustle of the city and released in our beautiful country. Take advantage of canoeing and other recreation more pleasant for your stay in our guest house. More info we provide at the reception.

Slovak paradise

One of the most beautiful regions of Slovakia and Spiš region 30 km away from our guest house. This unique piece of nature won the title thanks to their scarce natural value and beauty. It consists of preserved karst plateau, deeply cut into river canyons, ravines and gorges with magical waterfalls, vast underground world of caves and gorges and rich flora and fauna represented.

In 1964 he was the first Slovak Paradise Slovakia declared a protected landscape area. Although this extraordinary territory, declared in 1988 a national park, strictly protected, may be exploring its beauty each experience thanks to a dense network of hiking trails that are impassable sections made available various technical tools and equipment. Slovak Paradise is made available to tourists all year round.

Slovak Paradise is a paradise for nature lovers, tourism and sport. For more info.

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High Tatras

Our guest house is located 60 km far away from the High Tatras, so for tourists who are abroad and indulge in hiking, we suggest visiting our highest mountain range in Slovakia with unforgettable hiking trails.

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Lomnicky peak

Set out with the family on a trip to the second highest peak of High Tatras – Lomnicky. Get on top over clouds and spend unparalleled views of the surrounding peaks smallest mountains in the world. Enter the kingdom of silence and relax in a stylish café Dedo. For more information click on the image below.

Quarry Skrabské

Lake created from a former quarry on calcareous marl, which flooded the ground water. It located near the village Skrabské 60 km from our guest house, in the district of Vranov. In the past time there was located one of the first modern cement plants in our state, built in the 1856th.

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