Fun room

For adults we have games available:

Poker table, table tennis, chess, various card and board games where you will experience a lot of fun with your children.

Also we have available a very rich collection of the reader, for book lovers CZ / SK.

Teenagers also will find gaming console PS4 with games as:

Doom, FIFA, Call of Duty MORTAL KOMBAT, WRC RALLY THIF, ORDER, Diablo III, Batlefield and many others.

Or in the game room with PC games like EARTH 2160 Full Edition StarCraft 2, Counter Strike etc.

For children, a part of the fun room is also a children’s playground, where in addition to viewing or playing with your kids can read books. Children playground offers fun for the little ones, whether with board games to cater for shared entertainment or children’s toys.

Board games: Activities 7, Wonders of the World, Game of Thrones, Civilization, Slovakia questions and answers, Horse racing and betting, investors, Win a million, Double, Treasure Island, Jurasik, Questions of history, inventions and many others.

Common room is located on the first floor with apartments and glazed balcony, overlooking the Tatra Mountains.

Gallery of the fun room